wo services are offered, both serving the same purpose.

That purpose is you – be this your healing or a deepening of your understanding and compassion for yourself and others. Two complementary services, Clinical and Educational, are available to you.

Clinical Services

As a psychiatrist specializing in transpersonal psychotherapy I offer a full spectrum approach. The biological (meds), psychological and spiritual will be employed to fully understand your situation and to develop an intregrated treatment.

This private practice operates on a fee-for-service basis (meaning I do not bill insurances). I can provide a receipt (with codes) for you to seek reimbursement if you have a PPO or can arrange such. Fees are $220-280/session.

To find out more and make an appointment please call (916) 217-3474. We’ll talk (no charge), and see what’s best for you.

Educational Services

A whole new understanding of ‘this being human’  is emerging – there is much I have to share with you. Presentations, seminars and educational consultations are available for the general public and professionals.

To learn more go to links  and scroll down to the first educational site “A Bigger Understanding”.