bigger broader deeper

BIGGER, B r o a d e r, & deeper



he three primary aspects – biological, psychological and spiritual – form a foundation to build on.

Continuing to keep in mind that these three aspects of ourselves are occurring ‘all at the same time’, we proceed by simply adding a double arrow.

We see that we exist along this entire spectrum, from the biological to the spiritual: physical ↔ metaphysical.

This is truly a B r o a d e r  understanding of ourselves and others; an understanding  broad enough to bridge from one end of the spectrum to the other …

  • Atoms   ↔   Allah
  • Biology   ↔   Buddha
  • Chemistry   ↔   Christ
  • DNA   ↔   the Divine
  • Electrons   ↔   Enlightenment
  • … and so on


hat happened to the psychological?!  Where’s its corresponding alphabetical word or concept?

Where’s the

psychological ?