ance conveyed another way of knowing ‘this being human’.

Physiology provided the science of ‘the human body’, in dance I experienced ‘the human spirit’. Living in these two worlds, the sciences and the arts, was not a problem, yet, this would lay the foundation for what was to come.

After graduating, without my studies and dance to distract me, my troubles came. When they got the better of me, I began my own psychotherapy. I came to know the central aspect of this approach – the psychological.

Next, I taught science for 7 years, then medical school at UC Davis. I witnessed surgeons miraculously save a man, only to have him languish in bed. My part was to help him reawaken his will to live; consequently I become a psychiatrist.

Since completing my training at UC Davis Med Center in 2002 I have practiced psychiatry at a community clinic and in priviate practice. I continue to develop and share this inclusive way of healing and “a BIGGER Understanding”.