piritual – these three, all at the same time,  are simply more powerful.

In unifying our 3 primary aspects …

  • the biological:  we have our physical bodies and this phenomenal chemistry and physiology that’s occurring within us all the time

  • the psychological: we have a mind that allows us to experience a wide spectrum of thoughts and emotions – from the troubling to the wonderous

  • the spiritual: we each possess our own unique animating force, and we all exist within a larger context

… we have a whole new approach that attends to all  of our fundamental aspects, all at the same time.  We need all of our resources, working in concert, as we move into, through, and then beyond the difficulties that life presents us.

In no way can the brief description above justify the claim of “a BIGGER, B r o a d e r & deeper Psychiatry”.  To learn, and see,  more about this approach go to “links” and scroll down to the educational site “A Bigger Understanding”.